IP Litigation
IP Enforcement
Laws & Regulations & Examination Guidelines
Trademark Law
Regulations for the Implementation of the Trademark Law
Rules for Trademark Review and Adjudication
Rules on Recognition and Protection of Well-known Trademark
Measures for the Registration and Administration of Collective Marks and Certification Marks
Regulations on the Administration of Special Signs
Regulations on the Protection of Olympic Symbols
Measures for the Implementation of International Registration of Marks Under Madrid Agreement
Standards for Trademark Examination
Standards for Trademark Adjudication
Category of Trademarks
Trademark for goods: a mark used by any natural person, legal entity or other organization for goods produced, manufactured, processed, selected or marketed by it or him.
Service mark: a mark used by any natural person, legal entity or other organization for the service provided by it or him.
Collective mark: a mark registered in the name of a group, an association or other organization and to be used by its members in their commercial activities to indicate their membership.
Certification mark: a mark controlled by an organization capable of supervising a particular type of goods or service which is used in respect of goods or services by other organizations or individuals who do not belong to the said organization, with a view to certifying the origin, raw material, mode of manufacture of goods or performance of services, quality or other characteristics of the goods or services.
Elements of Trademark
Words, devices, letters, numerals, three-dimensional symbols and combinations of colors or any combination of the above elements
Process of Trademark Application
Examination C Review of Refusal
Publication C Response to Opposition C Review of Opposition
Procedures after Registration
Re-issuance of Trademark Registration Certificate
Modification of Name/Address of Trademark Applicant/Registrant
Submission of Trademark License Contract for Record
Cancellation/Response to Cancellation
Dispute/Response to Dispute
Removal of Registration of Trademark on Some of Designated Goods/Services




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