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IP Litigation
IP Enforcement
Patent Attorney
"Patent Attorney" refers to a person who obtains qualification of patent attorney, holds a Patent Agent I.D. Card and practices in a patent agency.
Designated by the patent agency, the patent attorney practices the following:
Advising on patent application;
Acting for the clients in drafting patent application documents, filing patent applications, going through formalities in the examination procedures and handling those after approval;
Acting for the clients in various matters of patent reexamination, cancelation and invalidation, or advising on the above procedures;
Handling relevant matters of patented technology assignment or advising on the matters;
Other services in patent area.
Trademark Attorney
"Trademark Attorney" refers to a person with certain professional legal knowledge about intellectual property and practicing in a trademark agency.
Position of Trademark Attorney:
Trademark Attorney is a planner for enterprise trademark strategy plan and strategy;
Trademark Attorney is an expert assisting enterprise in acquisition of trademark ownership;
Trademark Attorney is a consultant of enterprise on trademark management and an expert in resolution of trademark dispute.
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