IntellecPro provides Chinese and overseas clients with legal services in all fields of intellectual property (IP) rights, such as trademarks, patents, copyrights, and domain names. The firm offers a full range of IP services, including not only IP procurement, dispute resolution, investigation & evidence collection, legal counseling, but also those aimed to assist clients in formulating sound IP protection strategies.  

In a globalized world, enterprises need solutions that are adapted to the legal systems and enforcement practices of different countries when developing IP portfolios.  At the same time, IP infringements occur in various ways, which bring challenges for contemporary businesses. Since its establishment, IntellecPro has provided customized, professional and efficient legal services to help clients in different industries to protect their IP portfolios in a volatile global market.

Clients of IntellecPro come from nearly 100 countries, covering many industries, such as information technology & Internet, electronics, chemical, pharmaceuticals, finance, food & beverage, catering, entertainment, fashion, and traditional manufacturing. From start-ups to mature enterprises, from local enterprises to multinational corporations, from for-profit institutions to academic organizations, IntellecPro helps clients at home and abroad to make the value of their intangible IP assets tangible through legal means such as application, transfer and licensing. Moreover, IntellecPro is deeply involved in the IP strategy making process of its clients, and helps corporations at different stages of growth to protect and realize the value of their IP by providing legal services related to setup of internal control systems, development of global IP portfolios, identification of patentable inventions, management of IP risks, due diligence, and IP monetization, etc.

With a thorough understanding of the law and extensive practical experience, IntellecPro is good at devising pragmatic legal solutions based on the business objectives of clients. The firm deals with various complex and cutting-edge IP issues for world-leading enterprises while establishes strong intellectual property protection for innovative and fast growing enterprises.

IP Procurement: Trademark, Patent, Copyright, Domain Name

Dispute Resolution: Opposition, Cancellation, Invalidation, Enforcement, Litigation

Investigation & Evidence Collection: Network Research, On-site Investigation, Evidence Collection, Evidence Preservation

Legal Counseling: Market Surveillance, Risk Management, IP Filing & Litigation Management

Strategic Planning: IP Analysis & Evaluation, Global IP Portfolio Development, Due Diligence, IP Commercialization